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The general situation of the market development of the world and China's andalusite industry

According to the "China andalusite Market Research and investment strategy report (2018 Edition)" published by the log information consultation, it shows that compared with the bauxite used as a refractory, the better performance of the andalusite is: higher chemical purity, higher vermicular resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and resistance to thermal shock.

Andalusite production and product management are mainly concentrated in South Africa and Europe. In 2013, the global market of andalusite was between 25-28 tons. I Mai Reis from South Africa (lmerys) subsidiary Dannaienan gold deposit (Denain-Anzin Mineraux Refractorie Ceramique-Damrec ceramic) as the world's largest andalusite production enterprises accounted for 70% of total production.

According to the analysis of the U.S. Geological Survey, located in Yi dragon andalusite mineral company China the subsidiary enterprises (Yilong Andalusite Mineral Imerys Co. China) mining Andalusite in the northwest frontier area, production capacity of 40 thousand tons / year.