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   ◆ The company formerly known as Imerys Yilong Andalusite (Xinjiang) Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003 and joined Wanxiang Group in 2006.

◆ Andalusite is a superior high-alumina refractory material.  It has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, heat resistance, high-impact resistance and high thermal mechanical strength. It has a wide range of application and high economic value. 

   ◆ Andalusite is mainly used in steel, ceramics, cement, glass and other industries. The consumption of iron and steel industry accounts for more than 65% of Chinese market consumption.

   ◆ The main application is as follows:  

◆ High grade product : ceramic kiln furniture;

◆ Medium grade product : fixed refractory    brick products;

◆ Low grade product : Refractory castable products